TTRA commits to August 1 start date

TTRA commits to August 1 start date

Despite legal and recruitment challenges, the T&T Revenue Authority (TTRA) is pushing ahead with its proposed August 1 start up.

Chairman Nigel Edwards said the agency is focused on recruitment in a newsletter sent out to staff on Friday, a copy which was obtained by the Sunday Guardian.

Edwards said the entity had received interest from employees of both the Inland Revenue (IRD) and Customs and Excise Division (CED) in applications for positions at the TTRA. Both divisions are expected to be integrated in the TTRA.

“While we have a shortlist in that regard and communications to staff continue to be disseminated by the HR team, we forge ahead with the recruitment process for top level managerial positions. In that group of top-tier roles, we are also aggressively pursuing recruitment for the Director General and other executive positions. Once we have confirmed those positions, we will provide an update.

“IRD and CED staff who have submitted information via the online form—please know that we have received them and are reviewing this information. We expect to get back to you shortly with either a revised offer (if necessary) or communication on the next steps,” said Edwards.

The TTRA is on a second recruitment for a director general after its first selection was rejected by the Government. In a Q&A format in the newsletter, the TTRA sought to address some common concerns about recruitment. It noted that only the positions of Director General and Deputy Director General will be contract positions by statute.

“All other positions will be permanent positions on the establishment of the TTRA,” it said.

It noted that the TTRA will use data analytics and dashboards to implement risk-based assessments, which will improve customer profiling, segmentation and provide an efficient and effective means of identifying non-compliance and suspicious behaviour.

In addition, contract employees, with ten or more years’ service with either Division, may elect for placement in a permanent position in the TTRA, subject only to a background check.

“All other employees who are not covered by the Act, will be given first opportunity to apply for existing jobs in the TTRA,” it said.

TTRA’s vacation leave facility will be in accordance with the labour laws of T&T and will comprise the terms and conditions of the compensation package. The TTRA said that citizens should expect fairness once everybody who should be paying taxes, pays their taxes.

“If you do not comply, then we will build in technology to ensure that we enforce appropriately,” it said.

The TTRA’s Strategic and Operational Plan was submitted to the Finance Minister last December and in February 2023. On April 24, the President issued the proclamation of certain sections of the Revenue Authority Act (2021) to become law.

The PSA is legally challenging the operationalisation of the TTRA.

TTRA commits to August 1 start date

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